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The Structure of the Site and its Contents

Mega site includes unlimited number of information pages (content pages, product pages, picture pages, link pages, news pages, Content Management Website, etc) - all with the ability to be updated automatically! All the pages in the site can be updated through the site back-office system (Content Management Website). The site navigation menu can include an infinite number of chapters. Each chapter would belong to one of the four following types:

1.       General - to be designed in any way the client wishes. This type has no set design and it may include among other things: pictures, images, drawings and tables.

2.       Product Catalogue/Picture Gall
- divided into three screens:

Screen 1: a list of subjects/areas. Clicking any of these will open screen 2.

Screen 2: a collection of small pictures. Clicking any of these will open screen 3.

Screen 3: an enlarged picture and further relevant information. Clicking the picture on this screen will enlarge it further to a full screen picture (unless the picture source wasn't originally in a large size).

3.       Links - a list with a set structure which includes: title, text, picture and link.

4.       Articles - a list of articles' abstracts and links to the full articles.


Contents and the Back-office System's (Content Management Website) Capability for Updating

Back Office System - is the interface through which updating is done on the site, and constitutes a control system of the different parts of the site. An authorized user, given authorization through user name and code, would be able to erase, add and update the information on the site. The use of the updating interfaces is user friendly and "smart", and can be carried out by any person so authorized, who doesn't have prior knowledge in computer programming.

Updating the contents include the use of very advanced editing and design functions. You would be able to insert texts and pictures, tables, drawings, symbols and more! You would also be able to insert an edited or 'set' page written in another program, such as Excel, Word or various internet pages, into your site.

The back-office system (Content Management Website) allows you to insert into your site pictures of very high quality. It contains a very sophisticated optimization program that adapts the pictures to the internet by making them lighter while maintaining quality.

Servers and Technology:

The technology used for creating the site and its advanced administration system is a combination of programming languages adapted to UNIX servers. The internet servers on which the sites are installed are of the most prominent in the world today, and this in order to provide 24 hours a day service at the best possible terms.


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